5 Ways Women Cope With Hair Loss

Hair-Loss-CureOne of the worst women’s fears is certainly hair loss. It can have a considerable impact on their self-esteem and it can provoke insecurity. Usually, the reasons for the loss are stress, ageing process, certain illness, hair damage and similar. There are several treatments that can help you regain your security and also help you not to be embarrassed of your appearance.

A healthy scalp means healthy hair

Massaging the scalp and keeping it clean is the first step in preventing further hair loss. There are various products such as special shampoos, lotions or creams, which will help with the hair growth. However, don’t expect an instant recovery and immediate results, since this process sometimes takes a lot of time.

Think about a new hair style

In order to cover up the area and hide the thinned hair, you may want to consider a new haircut. The main difference is that this time your hair will be significantly shorter. Now, you can be a little adventurous and finally see how that short haircut looks on you.

Illness as a hair loss reason – maybe the dermatologist has an answer

Sometimes you may have a medical condition which causes the hair loss. Visit the dermatologist and find out what kind of hair loss you are dealing with and what can you do to prevent further loss. The most popular lotions that can help growth of the hair are the one containing minoxidil. These lotions don’t require any prescription and you can find them in every pharmacy.

Head coverings – can they really help?

Hats, caps or headbands can help you feel less insecure and you can wear them in order to cover the bald areas. However, this is only a temporary solution and it can make your appearance better, but it won’t bring your hair back. These accessories are a great solution for women who are experiencing temporary hair loss – usually due to chemotherapy or some other medications.

Hair transplantation

If you are experiencing a severe hair loss and there is no clear result from using the remedies, you can always consider hair transplantation. But even in this case, there are no quick fixes and each treatment takes time. However, the results are obvious and you will be able to regain your self-esteem as soon as the whole treatment is over.


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